About Ekata

EKATA, meaning "UNITY", was started back in January 1979 to forge and maintain a strong kinship amongst Maharashtrian people of North America via the Marathi language.

EKATA has succeeded in developing a global readership and has discovered many new authors. Through the medium of print, EKATA has also provided a conduit for dialogue between Maharashtrians abroad and in India, and between present and younger generations here in North America.

Mr. Vinayak D. Gokhale is the Executive Editor of EKATA since January 1, 2000. (He was Editor since the inception).  Other  Executive Board members  of EKATA at present are :

Arun Jatkar

Co- Editors:
Shreenivas Mate

Sushama Yerawadekar

Executive Board Members: 
Pratibha Gokhale

Meena Ghanekar
Sadashiv and Shobha Dharwadkar 

Anand Manohar

Advisory Editor:  
Vidyullekha Aklujkar 

A typical issue of EKATA consists of about 60 pages and the following features:

  • Stories
  • Essays
  • Poems
  • Travel Diaries
  • Book Reviews
  • News from Maharashtra
  • Matrimonial Ads 
  • Activities of Marathi Associations in North America
  • Letters to the Editor
  • An "English Forum" was added as a regular feature in 1989

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