In the January 2000 issue, you will find :

  • Lata Deshpande('majhya mistaranchi sevanivrutti') of Ellicott City, MD, USA shares the most amusing details of her life after her husband 'actively' retires from his full time job.
  • Sudha Gore ('majhi prabhat pheri') of Orlando, FL, USA spends a god part of each morning taking a long and leisurely walk and enjoying her friendship with all the dogs and their owners in the neighborhood.
  • Ratnaprabha Shahane ('Sorry, Dad!') of Mechanicsburg, PA, USA tells the story of a eighteen year old boy who is finally reconciled to the idea of his divorced father marrying the secretary.
  • Dr. Anand Garde ('prema tuza ranga kasa?') of West Simsbury, CT, USA, roasts a friend at his 50th birthday party and muses over the good old days at IIT Powai.
  • Mrs. Prabha Kharkar ('maze mothe ghar') of White Rock, B.C., Canada, brings to life all the mirth and merriment of her childhood life in a big family and a large house in Kalyan near Mumbai. Her recipes for the culinary delights that are unique to the C.K.P. community will whet your appetite.
  • N. B. Datar ('kaavya-shastra-vinodena : part 13') of Toronto, ON, Canada offers delightful and witty examples of conundrums and figures of speech and their explanations with the help of ten Sanskrit subhashitas.
  • G. S. Kanegaokar ('kalachakra') of Hyeth, U.K. presents two cases of unwed mothers from two different eras in the recent history of U.K. and underlines the changes in society's attitudes about unwed mothers and abortion.
  • Shirish Kirtane ('nama-sankirtana') of Longwood, FL, USA, recounts the insanely hilarious examples of unfamiliar names and surnames being butchered by atrocious mispronunciations.
  • Shaila Amberkar ('katha eka ajichi') of Travers City, MI, USA, portrays a kind and generous old woman living with the daughter's family and taking care of grandchildren. This portrait also offers a glimpse of the complex problems of family life in contemporary India.
  • Ravindra Godse ('mi ani manjar' ) of Pittsburgh, PA, USA flaunts his talent for humorous writing laced with a unique mixture of sarcasm and cynicism in describing the virtues of cats.
  • Hemant Kulkarni ('jaga he bandishala') of Browndeer, WI, USA introduces 'Darby', a lifer in the Texas jail system, whose popularity as a newspaper columnist is growing by leaps and bounds because of his strong and scorching bon mots to other inmates seeking counsel in their personal affairs.
  • Shalini Saraf ('divyatvachi jetha pratiti') of Fontana, CA, USA, illustrates the divine aspect of affection between a husband and a wife through a touching tale of an old couple.
  • Shrikumar Dongre ('maza ek marathon prayatna') of Clemons, NC, USA, tells how he prepared for and ran the Marathon race in Washington, D.C. in October of '99.
  • Nalini Adhav ('shabda') of Lake Mary, FL, USA tells a touching story of a haughty and young girl who hates the very idea of her father arranging her marriage to someone she has never seen or heard of. However, the girl feels guilty about her stubbornness and agrees to keep her father's word, which leads to her own tragic end.
  • Varsha Puranik ('asa disala cheen' ) of Pittsburgh, PA, USA presents the fifth installment of her travelogue. In this installment she describes the city of Xi'an, the museum of the Qin Terracotta army, the Wild Goose Pagoda, Hanking hot springs and the sightseeing places in Xi'an.
  • Vijay Sabnis ('nave mahanta, nave chamatkar, mahiti tantracha nava avishkar') of La Crosse, WI, USA, introduces the highly enterprising entrepreneur Dr. Gururaj Deshpande of Boston, the spectacular success of the launching of IPO of Dr. Deshpande's new enterprise 'Sycamore Networks, Inc.' and explains the scientific principles behind the recent advances in information technology.
  • Poetry - A fresh bunch of poems by: Arun Jatkar of Monroeville, PA (USA); Anu Amolkar of Phoenix, AZ (USA), Mrs. Malini Paranjape of NJ (USA) and Sheela Bhandari of Irvine, CA (USA).
  • English Forum - No entries were received in time for this regular feature to appear in the January 2000 issue.


  1. Aswad - an appreciation of a well-known Marathi poem, a new feature has been introduced beginning with the January 2000 issue. Aswad of 'Chapha', a famous poem by poet 'Bee' (Narayan Muralidhar Gupte), was written for the January 2000 issue by Arun Jatkar.
  2. Samasya-Purti - Since 'Chandramukhi' decided to retire from this feature, the last issue (October 1999) did not stage this contest. We hope to reactivate this feature soon.
  3. Marathi Crossword - this feature started with the October 1996 issue. It is different from any crossword you may have seen in the newspapers in India. The crossword in the January 2000 issue is composed by Sushama Yerawadekar of Jamaica Estates, NY.
  4. Aja-stambha - a feature we introduced in the October 1998 issue. A variety of single-column-length musings that are sometimes humorous, sometimes tongue-in-cheek and sometimes serious. The January 2000 issue contains three such columns.
  5. Pustaka Parichaya - No entries were received in time for this regular feature to appear in the January 2000 issue.
  6. Maharashtra Saar - This regular feature, a one-page newsletter from Shubhada Chandrachud of Pune, India, summarizes recent (October-December 1999) noteworthy events in Maharashtra.
  7. Vachakanchya Pratikriya (readers' responses).