While the July 2000 issue of EKATA (just published) was in the final stages of preparation, the sad news of the demise of P. L. Deshpande, Maharashtra's beloved litterateur, arrived. In homage to late Shri P. L. Deshpande, better known to all as 'Pu. La.', the July 2000 issue of EKATA carries his photograph from recent past on the cover page. A touching poem dedicated to Pu. La.'s memories, composed by Vidyullekha Aklujkar and a short essay by Shrikrishna Joshi bidding a sentimental farewell to Bhai, as Pu. La. was called by those near and dear to him, appear inside this issue. Also, the issue is peppered with excerpts from Pu. La.'s prolific and extremely witty writing that has enthralled Marathi readers for a very long time.

Elsewhere in the July 2000 issue -

  • Dr. Ajay Bang ('Maazaa Saakshaatkaaree Hridayaroga') of Shodhagram, India, reveals in easy-to-follow language the details of a serious introspection and the discovery that the alienation of the real self was the root cause of his own heart disease - words that every reader should take to heart.
  • Prajna Jere ('Maanduyaa Modilee Kshetre') of Solapur, India narrates the illustrious work of the Jnana Prabodhini organization to rehabilitate two villages ravaged by the Latur earthquake of December 1993 and indicates what further assistance is still needed for the ongoing projects.
  • Ratnaprabha Shahane ('Triptichaa Hunkaar') of Mechanicsburg, PA, USA tells a touching tale of a terminally ill husband who joyously celebrates the last few hours of his life in the company of his beloved wife and friends at a Diwali party.
  • Ravindra Godse ('Keval Godse Aadnaavamule..' ) of Pittsburgh, PA, USA shares his truly unique experiences in life resulting from the very fact that his last name is Godse and that he happens to be a distant relative of the infamous Nathuram Godse. The author has draped his own perspective on these experiences in irreverent humor.
  • 'Pinakpani' ('Thech' ), who wishes to remain anonymous, shares the bitter and sweet memories of a few unforgettable episodes in his childhood while growing up in a very traditional Maharashtrian family in the Belgaum area.
  • N. B. Datar ('kaavya-shaastra-vinodena : part 15') of Toronto, ON, Canada displays his literary ardor in this delectable essay based on 10 subhashitas that bear no apparently unifying theme. One subhashita leads to the next until the reader arrives at the last one, which reveals the author's novel plot. A 'must read' essay for the connoisseur of subhashitas.
  • Vijay Sabnis ('American English Bhashechee Uchchar Paddhati') of La Crosse, WI, USA presents a step-by-step understanding of the American way of pronouncing English words. A very useful brief for those who genuinely desire to understand phonetics and to improve their diction.
  • Sandhya Karnik ('Na Haravalelee Goshta') of Fremont, CA, USA tells a harrowing tale of borrowing and then misplacing a priceless piece of a dear friend's artwork.
  • Sushama Yerawadekar ('Chaturastra Svarashobha - Shobha Joshi') of Jamaica Estates, NY, USA shares some delightful glimpses of Shobha Joshi, an accomplished vocalist of India whose recital of Hindustani classical music enjoyed a tremendous success at the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, Russia in October 1999.
  • Govind Kanegaokar ('Speeding Ticket') of Hyeth, Kent, UK shows that even in UK, your driving violations can be forgiven and forgotten by the 'system' if you have the 'right connections'!!
  • Sudhir S. Kulkarni ('Saheb, Deedee Aani Rasik') of Leatham, NY, USA shares his experiences of attending one rock concert of Bruce Springstein and two film music concerts of Lata Mangeshkar and his nostalgic memories of Binaca Geetmala from his college days.
  • Rohini Dravid ('Robert Arnett') of Broomall, PA, USA introduces the readers to the illustrious personality and mission of Mr. Robert Arnett, an American who fell in love with the Indian philosophy and the Indian way of life.
  • Felicitation - A brief article about Dr. Meena Nerurkar of Philadelphia, PA, who recently received the 'Dinanath Mangeshkar Pratishthan' award. The award has taken a special note of the fact that while fulfilling her professional responsibilities as a physician in the USA for the past 18 years, Dr. Meena Nerurkar has cherished and nourished in the most exemplary manner the Marathi culture and the performing arts of Maharashtra.
  • Poetry - A fresh bunch of poems by : Sonali Joshi of Baton Rouge, FL (USA), Mrs. Sheela Bhandari of Irvine, CA (USA), Rajashree Damle of San Gabriel, CA (USA), Dr. (Mrs.) Prajna Apte of Nagpur (India), Veena Shah of Bloomfield Hills, MI (USA), Vijaya Marathe of Pomona, CA, (USA), and a 10-year old Miss Apurva R. Deshpande of Mumbai (India). Miss Apurva Deshpande's poem had won a prize in an 'extempore poetry writing' contest held in Mumbai last year.
  • English Forum - The July 2000 issue of EKATA features a very lively tale by Dhananjay Joshi of Chicago, IL USA that narrates how one father is doggedly pursued by his young and precocious daughter into buying her a cute little dog puppy.


  1. Aswad - this new feature, an appreciation of a well-known Marathi poem, was begun with the January 2000 issue. Aswad of "Rudras Avahana", a famous poem by late B. R. Tambe was written for the July 2000 issue by Vidyullekha Aklujkar.
  2. Samasya-Purti - three samasya lines for the contest no. 24 (last date for receiving entries is September 1, 2000) along with the winning and runner-up entries for the contest no. 23. Winners receive cash awards of $25, $15 and $10. Chakravak is the new organizer and the judge of this contest now.
  3. Marathi Crossword - this feature started with the October 1996 issue. It is different from any crossword you may have seen in the newspapers in India. The crossword in the July 2000 issue is composed by Sushama Yerawadekar of Jamaica Estates, NY.
  4. Aja-stambha - a feature we introduced in the October 1998 issue. A variety of single-column-length musings that are sometimes humorous, sometimes tongue-in-cheek and sometimes serious. The July 2000 issue contains two such columns.
  5. Pustaka Parichaya - two newly published books are reviewed : "Geet-Ratnakar" by Dr. Ratnakar Narale (reviewed by Mr. N. B. Datar), and "Laghu J˝aneshvari" by N. B. Datar (reviewed by Mrs. Padmaja Das).
  6. Maharashtra Saar - a one-page newsletter from Shubhada Chandrachud of Pune, India, summarizing recent (April - June 2000) noteworthy events in Maharashtra.
  7. Vachakachya Pratikriya (readers' responses).