In the July 1999 issue, you will find :

  • Arun Jatkar ('lokasangrahii shaastrajna Dr. Jayant Narlikar') of Monroeville, PA, USA discovers the teachings of Bhagawat Geeta in the illustrious career of renowned astrophysicist Dr. Jayant Narlikar.
  • Sandhya Karnik ('paarTnar') of Fremont, CA, USA reflects in her unique writing style upon what makes a marriage last twenty five years.
  • Shreeram Govande ('vivekavaadii vichaarasaraNii va jeevanapaddhati') of Princeton Junction, NJ, USA interviews Prof. P. B. Kulkarni, the co-editor of "aajachaa sudhaarak".
  • Sudha Gore ('maajhe marhaaTiipaNa kii bhaaratiiyapaNa' ) of Orlando, FL, USA shares her unique experiences in the USA which lead her to reflect upon our Marathi and Indian heritage.
  • N. B. Datar ('kaavya-shaastra-vinodena : part 11') of Toronto, ON, Canada offers a detailed and instructive explanation of ten shlokas selected from Bhagawat Geeta.
  • Vijay Sabnis ('prabodhanaache yuga') of La Crosse, WI, USA presents an overview of the most important events during the past two centuries and serenades the dawn of the "information age".
  • Dr. Vijay Dhavale ('cricket-che gaurishankara : Don Bradman') of Ottawa, ON, Canada presents a thrilling account of the brilliant cricket career of the famous Australian batsman Mr. Don Bradman, who wowed the world of cricket from 1928 to 1948.
  • Ujjvala Pimpalkhare ('aaThavaNiitale keLe') of Dallas, TX, USA tells a delightful story of her encounter with Timothy, an African-American schoolboy whose life she tried to understand and to influence during her brief visit to the USA.
  • Varsha Puranik ('asaa disalaa Cheen' - part 4) of Pittsburgh, PA, USA shares with readers the experiences and impressions of her recent journey through the People's Republic of China. This segment relates the author's impressions about the places and people in Shanghai.
  • Sheela Aranake ('Seetaamaaii') of Martinez, GA, USA tells a touching tale of her encounter with an old lady she met en route to India. The author felt blessed in some way to have met Seetamai and to have had an opportunity to be of help.
  • Mrs. Sheela Bhandari ('aerogram') of Irvine, CA, USA finds a letter from an old friend unlocking her memories of letter-writing in the good old days of her youth.
  • Gayatri Sevak ('praaNinaam aartinaashanam') of Solapur, India offers an overview of the social welfare activities of 'Jnana Prabodhini' and 'Sanjeevana', the new hospital built and operated by this organization.
  • Mrs. Monali Phatak ('jaagiye kripaanidhaana') of Hatfield, PA, USA introduces two young musicians, Kishor Ranade and Kiran Jogalekar and reviews their new bhajan album on CD, 'Jaagiye Kripaanidhaana'.
  • Poetry - A fresh bunch of poems by : Sandhya Karnik of Fremont, CA (USA), Pushpa Wagale of Irving, TX (USA), Prasad Pathare of Dubai (UAE), Varsha Pendse of Fremont, CA (USA), Madhavi Patwardhan of Pune, (India), Niranjan Pednekar of Pune, (India), Shubhada Gadre of Dombivali, (India) and Lata Deshpande of Elicott City, MD (USA), Mrs. Krishna N. Wagh of West Broomfield, MI (USA).
  • The July '99 issue of EKATA also features the text of Mr. Sunil Deshmukh's speech he made at the "samaajasevaa gaurava" award presentation ceremony in India this year. The award was presented to "Nisarga Mitra Mandal" of Aurangabad, India for an outstanding service in the filed of protecting the environment.
  • English Forum - The July '99 issue of EKATA features an article by Shirish Date of Tallahassee, FL, USA about an adventurous sailboat voyage he and his fiancee undertook a few years ago. Shreeniwas Mate of Simi Valley, CA, USA has reviewed 'Final Orbit', a book recently written by Mr. Shirish Date.


  1. Samasya-Puurti - three samasya lines for the contest no. 22 (last date for receiving entries is September 1, 1999) along with the winning and runner-up entries for the contest no. 21. Winners receive cash awards of $25, $15 and $10. 'Chandramukhii', the organizer and the judge of this contest has provided an informative explanation of the metrical rules to be followed by the contestants.
  2. Marathi Crossword - this new feature started with the October 1996 issue. It is different from any crossword you may have seen in the newspapers in India. The crossword in the July 1999 issue is composed by Sushama Yerawadekar of New York.
  3. Aja-stambha - a new feature we introduced in the October 1998 issue. A variety of single-column-length musings that are sometimes humorous, sometimes tongue-in-cheek and sometimes serious. The July '99 issue contains two such columns. We invite you to taste this unique feature and tell us how you like it.
  4. Pustaka Parichaya - Three newly published books are reviewed : "Tipalele kshaNa" by Dr. Usha Hardas (reviewed by Dr. Prakash Lothe), "C. N. Tower-varunache vihangama drishya" by Ajit Kukade (reviewed by Dr. Vijay Dhavale) and "Vasaa" by Deepa Gowarikar (reviewed by Sandhya Karnik).
  5. "Vaachakaanchyaa Pratikriyaa" (readers' responses).