The October 2000 issue is the Diwali issue as is evident in the beautiful cover by Veena Shah, of Bloomfield Hills, MI, depicting a festive scene reminiscent of Diwali. Editor Vidyullekha Aklujkar, in her last epistle as Ekata's editor, pays a touching tribute to the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau of Canada. She also shares a personal loss with the readers, that of her mother, the late Mrs. Kamalini Wagh of Pune, who recently passed away at the age of 85.

Inside, a feast awaits the discerning reader -

  • Ganesh Raut of Pune, India, in his article "Berad Samaajaachaa Deepastambh- Bheemrao Gastee" introduces us to the work of Dr. Bheemrao Gastee, a pioneer social worker.
  • Results of Ekata's 21st Short Story Contest appear in this issue along with the winning entries.
  • First Prize
    • Aajobaanchee MaitreeN! - Sudha Joshi
      How the long-standing friendship between two married couples lives on after each couple loses a partner to death.
  • Second Prize
    • Priya Suneetaa - Arun Nisargand, Belleview, WA
      A humorous story of an unrequited love in the internet age.
    • Chakshurvai Satyam - Sushama Pendharkar, Winter Park, FL Reminescence of an unarticulated love.
  • Third Prize
    • Priyaa Bandyaachee' - Sanjay Pathak, Ossising, NY
      A practical joker learns his lesson the hard way.
    • Ninawee - Shirish Keertane, Longwood, FL A husband is tested by his wife with some help from his friendly ex.
  • In 'Maaybhoomichee Odh' Madhav Shankar Vaidya of Mississauga, ON, shares with readers his reasons for visiting India when neither kin nor kitty reside there anymore.
  • Madhav Manjarekar of New Berlin, WI, in 'American Dantkathaa' describes a first timer's visit to the dentist.
  • 'Pets Aani Mee' by Uday Nadkarni of Lexington, MA, speaks of a husband's strategy to change his wife's mind and own pets inspite of her initial opposition.
  • Neela Paranjape of Thunder Bay, ON, interviews actor Mohan Joshi in 'Rangamanchaavar Mohan Joshi'
  • 'Vishavruksha' by Veena Shah of Bloomfield Hills, MI, is a story of life deprived of normalcy.
  • 'Geet Gaayaa Pattharone' by Alaka Inamdar of Mumbai, India, describes a trip to Sedona and Monument Valley in Arizona.
  • 'Majhya ga AajoLee' by Anuja Sabnis of Koppel, TX, is a fond remembrance of her childhood trips to her grandfather's house.
  • 'Mee Kaay Karoo?' by Shanta R.Gokhale of Sangali, India, poses a familiar dilemma of choosing to stay in America or returning to India for conflicting family responsibilities.
  • Prabha Kharkar of White Rock, BC has her own take on that pesky sickness-flu in 'Chhupaa Rustum'.
  • 'Manomeelan' by Shalini Purohit of Canyon Country, CA, narrates a touching story of how a son and daughter-in-law come to embrace their duty towards his mother though she had abandoned him in his childhood.
  • In 'Na Chaalalelee Paaulwaat' Lata Deshpande of Ellicott City, MD, provides a glimpse in a young man's reasoning behind his career choice.
  • Poetry page in this issue features:
    • Kaboolee - by Rajashree Damle, San Gabriel, CA.
    • Jyot - by Aparna Karmarkar, Washington, DC.
    • Aarasaa - by Lata Deshpande, Ellicott City, MD.
    • KoNaas Thhauk Kuthhe Gele Te Diwas - by Gandhali Sewak, Santa Clara, CA.
    • KaLweet AaNi Raagweet - by Arun Jatkar, Monroeville, PA.
    • Takraar - by Yeshwant Kaa. Sohani, Great Falls VA.
  • English Forum features:
    • In 'Legends and Folk Stories of India' Kumar Joshi of Fort Worth,TX, retells two traditional stories.
    • 'Superspecialist Dr. Sanjeev Kothare: Pediatric Neurologist, Epileptologist and Sleep Disorders Specialist' is an informative two part interview of the physician by Sushama Yerawadekar of Jamaica Estates, NY. The first part about Epilepsy appears in this issue. The second part about Sleep Disorders will appear in the next issue.
    • Kavita Mane of Fort Worth, TX, laments losing a daughter to college in her poem 'Empty Nest'.
  • 'Navjeevan SohaLa va Shishyavrittee Samarambh' by Dr. Gangadhar Maddiwar of Banner, KY, gives a stirring account of the sixty-fifth birthday philanthropy of Drs.Chandra and Mahendra Varia of Kentucky.
  • Dr. Sa. Vi. Sahastrabuddhe (1910-2000) contains excerpts of a speech made on Dr. Sahastrabuddhe's 75th birthday, delivered by the late Mr. G. K. Bhopatkar of Pune, India, as a tribute to this dedicated and learned teacher (Nutan Marathi Vidyalaya and the Sanskrit Pathshala of Pune).
  • In Pustak Parichaya:
    • Vaijayanti Joshi of Worcester, MA, reviews 'Ameriketeel DhaavapaL' by Anant P. Labhsetwar.
    • Gangadhar Galande of High Wicomb,UK, reviews '84 Charing Cross Road' by Helen Hanff.
  • Maharashtra Saar by Shubhada Chandrachud of Pune, India, gives a summary of recent events back home.
  • Wachakanchyaa Pratikriyaa is the readers' correspondence.
  • Aja-Stambha (#21 and 22) are Arun Jatkar's columns of incidental writing.
  • Shabdakode # 17' Titled 'Are Re' is the unique Marathi crossword puzzle by Sushama Yerawadekar of Jamaica Estates, NY