In the October 2002 issue, published on October 1, 2002, you will find :

  • Shreeniwas Mate (Simi Valley, CA, USA) in his editorial article pays homage to two recently diseased celebrities of Maharashtra - Sudhir Phadke (the renowned vocalist and music composer as well as the producer of the movie on the life of Veer Savarkar) and Vasant Bapat (the highly esteemed Marathi poet).

  • Durga Pachapurkar (Toronto, ON, Canada) and Gangadhar Galande (High Wycombe, UK) also pay homage to late Shri Sudhir Phadke (Pages 57-58).

  • Ekata pays homage to late Shri Vasant Bapat, late Shri Shivaji Savant (a renowned Marathi novelist) and late Miss Priya Tendulkar (a renowned actress on Marathi stage, movies and television and an accomplished writer of Marathi short stories).

Prize-winning entries in the Ekata-sponsored 
Annual Short Story Contest No. 23

  • First Prize: 
    Varsha Deopujari-Gogate (Centerville, VA, USA) - Sarva-mangal- mangalye Shive Sarvartha-Sadhike - Page 7: a heart-warming story of a lady physician who brings joy in the life of two patients with unique problems of pregnancy. 

  • Second Prize: 
    Pradnya Pathare (Dubai) - Chitra - Page 13: a touching story of a maid servant in Dubai who works hard to financially help her children in India with their child-births and education and considers her own troubles a small price.

  • Third Prize (Shared between two contestants): 

    • 'Sudha Joshi' - Jagavegala(n) Nata(n) - Page 39: a heart-warming story of a girl from India whose daughter-parents relationship with the parents of her American husband survives the husband's death and the budding romance with an Indian physician.

    • Sushama Pendharkar (Winterpark FL, USA) - Ghusmat - Page 49: a poignant account of troubles in the life of a young immigrant family with children when the husband loses his job as a result of slow economy and the wife must face the harsh realities of life in the USA as a single parent.


  • Prajakta Gupte (Pune, Maharashtra, India) finds the spirit of Hirakani (the lady whose name is a legend in the Maratha history for jumping off a precipice to get home to breastfeed her child when the exits from Raigarh were locked up) alive and well in Mrs. Jyoti Vyas, who, in the third trimester of pregnancy managed to climb down 75 stories of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 after the twin towers were hit by the jumbo jets. (Adhunik Hirakani - Page 6).

  • Sandhya Karnik (Fremont, CA, USA) shares with readers the inspiring account of her daughter's participation in public service as an AmeriCorps volunteer after the terrorists' attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 (Ti Mazi Mulagi - Page 15).

  • Dr. A. M. Kshirsagar (Ann Arbor, MI, USA) shares an up-to-date and humorous account of the harrowing journeys made by a steel cupboard he and his wife had bought immediately after their marriage in India in 1958 ('Steelmade' che kapat - Page 17).

  • Lata Deshpande (Ellicott City, MD, USA) narrates an account of her daily struggle with life-threatening ailments and laces the bitter cup of life with her unique and death-defying humor (Bharata-
    - Page 19).

  • N. B. Datar (Toronto, ON, Canada) explains ten Sanskrit subhashitas that represent truly fantastic flights of imagination of Sanskrit poets when it comes to explaining why Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, is so fickle and why she favors the stupid over the geniuses. Mr. Datar's explanations make it easy to appreciate the original Sanskrit compositions, even for those who had no formal education in Sanskrit (Kavya-Shastra-Vinodena, lekhank 24 - Page 23).

  • Sharad Pethe (Jersey City, NJ, USA) relates the rollickingly funny incidents that revolve around tongue-in-cheek puns ('dha' cha 'ma' - Page 26).

  • Dr. N. G. Rajurkar (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India), a connoisseur of Urdu poetry, relates the highlights of the immortal poetry of Mirza Ghalib (Mirza Ghalib - Akhir iss dard ki dava kya hai? - Page 27).

  • Pratibha Joshi (Brandon, MS, USA) weaves a neat little short story based on her growing conviction that lying and deceit have become synonymous with politics and corporate culture (Pinnochio - Page 38).

  • Sudhir Kulkarni (Latham, NY, USA) narrates an informative account of his hiking trip to the top of the lesser-known fort Kotaligarh' near Karjat, Maharashtra (Na dharleli vaat - Page 44).

  • Dr. Hemant Ingle (Stamford, UK) asks why the ritual of Satyanarayana Puja includes the reading of an apparently problematic 'katha' of 'Sadhu Vani' and invites readers' views on it (Shri Satya-Narayanachi Puja - Page 47).

  • Madhav Shankar Vaidya (Mississauga, ON, Canada) offers some rare glimpses of what Parsi community is all about and laments their rapidly dwindling numbers (Amucha Ramarama ghyava - Page 52).

  • Sarika Paralkar (Logan, UT, USA), a graduate student at the Utah State University in Logan, UT, shares a delightful account of the very first Ganesha festival in that town (Loganmadhil Shri Ganeshotsava - Page 55).

    • Amit Kshirsagar (Ann Arbor, MI, USA - FOBs Versus ABCDs - page 59) discusses the differences between the students who come from India to North American universities to pursue graduate studies and the students born and brought up in North America. This essay also endeavors to analyze the societal problems faced by both groups of graduate students.
    • In an anonymously penned essay 'Arghh - the "M" word', the writer makes it abundantly clear that she is not at all thrilled by the prospects of parents and friends of parents arranging her marriage and that she has her own likes and dislikes and ideas about what kind of a guy she would like to spend the rest of life with. The author wants the parents and parents' friends to give her the same freedom and the right of choice that they expect for themselves in the country in which they live.
  • ASWAD - Mrs. Padmaja Vijay Dash (San Diego, CA, USA) presents an appreciation of the poem 'Chira-yauvana' by the noted Marathi poet 'Anil' (Page 5).

  • POETRY- Poems by Arvind Narale (Thornhill, ON, Canada - Tarkashakti), Y. K. Sohni (Washington, D.C., USA - Katu Satya), Prasad Pathare (Dubai - Vadalacha Ritu), Sheela Bhandari (Irvine, CA, USA - Pokali).

  • SHABDAKODE - Marathi crossword in this issue, Ukhanyanche Bakane, Jarasandhache Tarane, is composed by Arun Jatkar (Monroeville, PA, USA). List of readers who submitted correct solutions to the previous crossword and a complete solution to the previous crossword are also published.

  • SAMASYAPURTI - Vidyullekha Aklujkar and Arun Jatkar conduct this contest in each issue of Ekata. The contest is open to all the subscribers of Ekata. Contestants are required to submit compositions that are metrically similar to the samasya line and include the samasya as one of the lines. Cash prizes ($ 25, $15 and $10) are offered to the best three entries.

  • PUSTAK PARICHAYA - In each issue, recently published Marathi books are introduced. Introductions to two new publications appear in this issue -

    • N. B. Datar (Toronto, ON, Canada) introduces the book MADHURANGA (a collection of poems) written by Dr. M. S. Kant.

    • Rohini Dravid (Broomall, PA, USA) introduces the book DEEPASTAMBHA (a collection of short biographical essays on well-known Indians who made valuable contributions in the fields of politics, social upliftment of the downtrodden and the women and religious enlightenment of all) written by Prof. Shivajirao Bhosale.

  • CHITRAGUPTA - This is a picture puzzle, and readers are asked to articulate an answer using the clues seen in an accompanying cartoon and two lines of verse.

  • MAHARASHTRA SAR - Shubhada Chandrachud (Pune, Maharashtra, India) presents a summary of noteworthy events in Maharashtra that took place in the past three months.

  • VACHAKANCHYA PRATIKRIYA - A readers' forum. Readers share their views on material published in the previous issues of Ekata.