In the October 1999 issue, you will find :

  • A short story contest and the first three winning entries are published in the October issue. The first three winners in this year's contest were:

    1st prize: Ramesh Waghmare ('Himalayache Nishvas') of Ottawa, ON, Canada

    2nd prize: Lata Deshpande ('Prayashchitta') of Elicott City, MD, USA

    3rd prize: 'Sudha Joshi' ('Are Samsara Samsara')

  • Texts of speeches delivered by Dr. Jayant Narlikar, (the chief guest) and Justice Dharmadhikari (the main speaker) at the 1999 BMM Convention in San Jose, CA, USA.
  • Ramesh Vaghmare of Ottawa, ON, Canada, Dr. Vijay Dhavale of Ottawa, ON, Canada, Ranjana Mayur of Boston, MA, USA, Jayant Bapat of Melbourne, Australia, and Sandhya Karnik of Fremont, CA, USA describe the events during the 1999 BMM Convention in San Jose and share their overall impressions.
  • Mrs. Padmaja Vijay Dash ('Pu. La. Navachi Maifil..') of San Diego, CA, USA informs that on November 8, 1999, the celebrated Marathi literateur, Mr. P. L. Deshpande, popularly known as 'Pu. La.' will be 80 years old and celebrates the upcoming birthday of Pu. La. by reciting a delightful litany of his wit and humor.
  • Shyam Thakur ('Punyatil Ek Samstha') of U.K. affectionately remembers the past glories of Aryan Cinema, a theater that offered the most affordable cinematic entertainment in the city of Pune for nearly 70 years. The theater was closed in 1984 in order to make room for a parking lot, the sight of which makes the author miss his favorite haunt.
  • Shriram Mulgund ('Parampara') of Toronto, ON, Canada takes a humorous look at the old and the new traditions and wonders why humanity is so fond of traditions even in the absence of any deep social or religious significance.
  • N. B. Datar ('kaavya-shaastra-vinodena: part 12') of Toronto, ON, Canada offers a detailed and instructive explanation of ten shlokas celebrating the glory of Lord Shiva.
  • Smita Bhagwat ('Jnanayajna') of Ottawa, ON, Canada introduces the readers to the highly commendable enterprise called 'Granthali' , an organization dedicated to the goal of making new and high quality Marathi literature on a variety of subjects available at an affordable price. One may rightly call this endeavor 'Jnana-Yajna' and the 'yajamana' is no other than the highly esteemed personage of Mr. Dinkar Gangal, the former chief editor of the Sunday edition of Maharashtra Times.
  • While pacing the hospital floor when his daughter was giving birth to a baby boy, Sudhir S. Kulkarni ('Navin Adhyaya') of Leatham, NY, USA, is reminded of his own mother and her saintly behavior towards all people.
  • Arun Jatkar ('Eka Shikavi Kavita Aishi') of Monroeville, PA, USA never forgot the gist of one English poem he had learned 38 years ago when he was a high school senior, though he could not remember beyond the very first line of that poem. He shares his memories associated with that poem and tells how he finally tracked down the full text of the poem. The author also presents its translation in the form of a Marathi verse.
  • Pramila Datar ('Narayana Ghar ki Chithi') of Australia contemplates, at the age of 70, on the chit from the high above and shares the episodes in her life that make her feel thankful for the fact that her longevity has been a blessing and not a curse.
  • Pushpa Wagle('Odh') of Irvig, TX, USA tells a poignant tale of an elderly man grieving over the sudden loss of his dear wife of many years.
  • Mrs. Sheela Bhandari ('Fulltime Wife') of Irvine, CA, USA, skillfully reveals how, in an 'all-Indian husband-and-wife team' it falls to the wife's lot to cope with an ungrateful husband. The husband invariably takes his wife for granted and/or doesn't feel the slightest remorse or hesitation when insulting or humiliating her.
  • Vijay Sabnis ('Dharma Ka Hava?') of La Crosse, WI, USA affirms his belief in divinity and fervently argues in favor of religion. He equates spirituality with the dedication to a lofty social, political or a religious goal, to achieve which a man willingly bears any hardship such as persecution, starvation, torture or death. Finally the author elaborates on his thesis that only a true religion founded on equality and spirituality will hold a nation like India together.
  • Felicitation - Ekata congratulates Mr. Prakash Yerawadekar of Jamaica Estates, NY, USA. Mr. Yerawadekar has been the Chief Architect of the New York State Unified Court System since 1975. He was awarded the 'Public Architect Award' by the American Institute of Architects of New York at its 132nd annual meeting in New York.
  • Mrs. Pramila Dattatreya Tadwalkar of Missisaugua, ON, Canada pays homage to Parama Pujaniya Shri Datta Maharaja Kavishvar, who pased away on 1st of March, 1999 at the age of 89.
  • Poetry - A fresh bunch of poems by Aparna Karmarkar of Great Falls, VA, (USA), Sonali Joshi of Baton Rouge, LA (USA), Yeshwant Sohni of Great Falls, VA, (USA) and Sandhya Karnik of Fremont, CA (USA).
  • English Forum - No manuscripts for this frequently appearing feature were received in time for their inclusion in the present issue.


  1. Samasya-Puurti - Chandramukhi (Mr. Dileep Chitre of Lanham, MD, USA), the organizer and the judge of this contest has announced his decision to retire from this five-year long activity for personal reasons. No new 'samasya purti' contest is announced in the present wishes. The results of the samsya purti contest no. 22 are published. Efforts are underway to reactivate this regular feature in near future.
  2. Marathi Crossword - this new feature started with the October 1996 issue. It is different from any crossword you may have seen in the newspapers in India. The crossword in the October '99 issue is composed by Sushama Yerawadekar of New York.
  3. Aja-stambha - a new feature we introduced in the October 1998 issue. A variety of single-column-length musings that are sometimes humorous, sometimes tongue-in-cheek and sometimes serious. The October '99 issue contains two such columns. We invite you to taste this unique feature and tell us how you like it.
  4. Pustaka Parichaya - Two newly published books are reviewed : "Mavalalele Prem" by Dr. Anant P. Labhsetwar (reviewed by Pushpa Joshi), and "America-Taranga" by Shashikant Panat (reviewed by Shalini Saraf)
  5. "Vaachakaanchyaa Pratikriyaa" (readers' responses).